Descendants of Edward Watts & Ann Martin of  Virginia

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Watts family of virginia

             This site is dedicated to researching and collecting information on the family and descendants of Edward Watts & Ann Martin of Safford County, Virginia.  Edward is the earliest generation we can prove.  Edward was Ann’s 2nd husband and they married sometime abt 1687-1688.  When Ann died in 1741/42 she left a will naming the three sons she bore from Edward. They were Edward, Francis and Thomas.  There may also have been a daughter named Margaret.  Margaret was also named in the will but she may have been the daughter of Ann’s 3rd husband, Daniel McPherson. The name of Edward’s (the son) wife is unknown, the name of Francis’ wife is believed to be Ann and Thomas married Francis Norgrave.

This site is just getting started.  With help from descendants this site will grow and we may just be able to prove who the emigrant ancestor of this Watts family is.  It could very well be this Edward himself.  In time I would like to add photos, wills, deeds and other historical items that identify our ancestors to the collection.


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